All the Ways to Doodle & Flow

Learn to speed up and slow down your mind by writing, doodling, coloring to explore five dimensions of JOY.

Build a regular practice of Doodle & Flow that lets you explore your ideas, thoughts, emotions within a  creatively curious community.

Meet one-on-one with Angie to discuss a problem, develop a process or improve your Doodle & Flow practice.

miniCourse: Joy

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  • Jump into your Doodle & Flow practice today
  • 5 Quick warm-up exercises
  • 5 Quick guided practices on Joy
  • Recommendations to support your future practice
  • Access to the online community
  • Live DoodleJams
  • Live Q&A sessions 
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Start Your Practice Course

Winter 2021

  • Lay the foundation for your practice alongside other practioners with 8 weeks of lessons
  • 8 Quick warm-up exercises
  • Video lessons on Doodle & Flow philosophy, science and practice
  • Guided practices that explore each lesson
  • PDF downloads for lessons and practices
  • TED talks that complement each lesson
  • Bonus miniLessons on Doodle & Flow at work, life, school
  • Live sessions with your class cohort
  • Access to the online community
  • Live DoodleJams
  • Live Q&A sessions
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Face to Face

Various Packages

  • Explore an idea, question, or problem during live interactive 45-minute one-on-one Doodle & Flow sessions with Angie Moline, Ph.D.
  • Connect and collaborate while watching doodles unfold with the DoodleCam
  • Communicate and co-create visuals with Angie during a screen share
  • PDF download of all visual notes and doodles after your session
  • Optional: Custom Doodle & Flow process build based on the conversation
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Learn about Doodle & Flow weekend challenges, live DoodleJams and other events.