Bird Boxes

3 days minipractice nature weekend challenge Aug 06, 2021

This practice invites you to draw boxes full of birds that get fancier and more resplendent as you go.  This practice was inspired by the only elegant Trogon that I have ever seen - it was sitting in a tree near the side of a road I traveled (in a rickety old bus) in Honduras many years ago.

Day 1: Simple Birds
Start by drawing a simple 3x3 grid so you have nine squares that you can fill in.  In the top row, draw three simple birds and color them with simple colors.

Day 2: Colorful Birds
In the second row of boxes, draw more simple birds but this time color them with fanciful, decadent colors.  This is a good opportunity to practice blending markers or mixing pastels / crayons / colored pencils.

Day 3: Fanciful Birds
In the last row of boxes, draw simple birds with fancy feathers.  Add tail feathers, feathers on their heads and backs.  Make these birds really special.  Color these birds however you like.

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Doodle & Flow is designed to put you in a "flow" mindset that helps you tap your intuition and creativity by allowing your mind to wander, gently.  This flow state allows your spontaneous brilliance to emerge, so please do not get too caught up in perfection and art-making.  Doodle & Flow is about process, not product.


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