Flowers and Vines

3 days minipractice nature weekend challenge Jul 08, 2021

Day 1: Flowers
Draw a series of slightly wobbly spirals that will become simple roses... or you can draw any other type of flower.  This is about the process, not the product.  Draw whatever brings you joy.

Day 2: Vines
Add vines. Consider adding curls to your vines and working out what it looks like when the vine winds around itself (it appears smaller as it moves away from you).

Day 3: Flair
Add color to your vine and consider adding flair like grapes, flowers, bugs, bees, birds.


Doodle & Flow is about insight, not art.


Doodle & Flow is designed to put you in a "flow" mindset that helps you tap your intuition and creativity by allowing your mind to wander, gently.  This flow state allows your spontaneous brilliance to emerge, so please do not get too caught up in perfection and art-making.  Doodle & Flow is about process, not product.


Share a photo of your doodle in the Doodle & Flow online community (course registration required) or on social media.  Hashtags: #doodleandflowpractice #flowersandvines #molinecreative

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