Wavy Lines

3 days minipractice self reflection weekend challenge Jul 23, 2021

This weekend's challenge is inspired by one of my doodling heroes - Kai Skye (a.k.a. Brian Andreas) - who says that sometimes when he needs inspiration for writing and doodling he does this.

Day 1: Wavy Lines
Using a pencil, gray marker, or fine pen, draw a series of parallel lines on a page with your non-dominant hand (we want them to be wavy). You want to see these but they shouldn't overwhelm the page.  Think of this as a meditation, not a drawing exercise.

Day 2:  Flair
Slowly fill in these lines with words that come to you. Use a bigger, darker marker for the letters. Write slowly and deliberately. It is okay if they don't make sense. Think of this as a meditation, not a writing exercise.

Day 3: Doodles
Color in any letters that make a closed shape - like the middles of A, B, D, P. You can use the same colors or alternate colors.  Add doodles around your writing. Draw anything that comes to mind for you.


Doodle & Flow is about insight, not art.


Doodle & Flow is designed to put you in a "flow" mindset that helps you tap your intuition and creativity by allowing your mind to wander, gently.  This flow state allows your spontaneous brilliance to emerge, so please do not get too caught up in perfection and art-making.  Doodle & Flow is about process, not product.


Share a photo of your doodle in the Doodle & Flow online community (course registration required) or on social media.  Hashtags: #doodleandflowpractice #flowersandvines #molinecreative

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