miniCourse: Joy

Relax your mind, spark creativity, tap your intuition, gain insights into your relationship with JOY with this Doodle & Flow miniCourse.

Warm up Exercises

Each Lesson has a unique warm up designed to get you in the Doodle & Flow mindset.

Five Engaging Lessons

Short 1- to 3-minute video lessons guide you through different explorations of Joy.

PDF Downloads

Most lessons have a PDF template that you can download, print, complete and share. 

miniCourse: Joy

Speed up and slow down your mind by writing, doodling, and coloring to explore five dimensions of joy.

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Joy Curriculum

Savor this miniCourse over six weeks of contemplation and reflection, make it a DIY weekend retreat, or dive deep in a single afternoon. Your practice, your pace, your choice.  Each lesson has 1-3 minutes of video time and 10-20 minutes of DoodleTime.

Lesson 1: Welcome

This lesson will help you get warmed up, give you some background on Doodle & Flow, and tell you what to expect.

Lesson 2: Recognizing Joy

Warm up to the idea of JOY by doodling a curly cue parade and then learn how to spot JOY during a great TED talk.

Lesson 3: What brings me joy?

Explore the things that bring you JOY with a freewrite and a blackout poem.

Lesson 4: Influencing Joy

What can and can't you control in your life?  Identify where and how you can influence JOY.

Lesson 5: Cultivating Joy

Where in your life do you see JOY and what do you need to do to allow it to flourish?

Lesson 6: Gathering Joy

This lesson allows you to look back on all that you've learned during your exploration of JOY!

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