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"My goal is to inspire and empower people to take more creative risks that result in meaningful change."

Angie B. Moline, Ph.D., Moline Creative ~ Doodle & Flow

Doodle & Flow is a Result of a Lifetime of Exploration

I have been writing, doodling, and coloring in sketchbooks, notebooks, and blank books for the past 25 years.  These musings have allowed me to live an intentionally thoughtful, creative live.  One of the best parts of Doodle & Flow is seeing the world through the eyes of other creatively curious people.   I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes - welcome to the Doodle & Flow community!

About Angie B. Moline, Ph.D.

Angie Moline, Ph.D. (she/her) is a graphic facilitator who brings a systems approach to visual thinking.  She draws from her experience as an engineer, ecologist, and educator to help clients think critically and creatively about issues they face.  Through her work at Moline Creative, a graphic facilitation consultancy, Angie serves as a sounding board for corporate, government, and nonprofit leaders as they think through current challenges during visual thinking sessions and also facilitates dynamic, interactive (in person or virtual) meetings that allow teams to connect in new ways. 

Dr. Moline holds degrees in ecology and engineering from the University of Notre Dame, the University of Minnesota, Northern Arizona University and Colorado State University. She serves as affiliate faculty of the Northern Arizona University School of Earth and Sustainability in Flagstaff, AZ as is a teaching artist at The Drawing Studio in Tucson, AZ. 


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