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Build a regular practice of Doodle & Flow that lets you explore your ideas, thoughts, emotions within a  creatively curious community.


"I always enjoy learning new techniques and challenging myself to create.  Doodle & Flow taught me how much I enjoy drawing on a daily basis and ways to incorporate being creative into my daily practice."

Debby S. - College Professor

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Doodle & Flow: doodle, think, reflect, repeat.

Warm up Exercises

Move your markers with these fun exercises tailored to each session of Doodle & Flow. 

Eight weeks of Lessons

Learn about the philosophy, art, and science behind Doodle & Flow and see how it can shape your world.

Guided Practices

Experience how Doodle & Flow focuses your attention, relaxes your mind, and taps your intuition.

Connect with the creatively curious: Early Winter 2021

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Start Your Practice Course Outline

You can complete the course over 8 weeks - doing a warmup and a lesson every few days, so you have plenty of time to practice and reflect on the process - or during an 8-day mini retreat or over a contemplation-filled weekend.  Each lesson has 10-20 minutes of video time and 15-45 minutes of DoodleTime.

Lesson 1: Welcome

Jump in and get your feet wet! Then learn about the Doodle & Flow process, my background, what you'll need, and the course progression.

Lesson 2: What is this?

This lesson shares the history of Doodle & Flow as well as what the three skills (writing, doodling, coloring) look like in practice.

Lesson 3: Insight, not art.

The value of Doodle & Flow isn't what you create, but the flow state that you experience while you do it.  Learn how to stay in the flow.

Lesson 4: Why do this?

Experience the sensation of speeding up and slowing down your mind as you practice using the three tools in this guided practice.

Lesson 5: Mind & Body

Doodle & Flow seems to speak to your whole brain - right, left, conscious, unconscious - and this lesson explores why that might happen.

Lesson 6: Why do this?

Walk through the three skills of Doodle & Flow - writing, doodling, coloring - and see how you can use them in your personal practice.

Lesson 7: Your Practice

This lesson gives an overview of how you may want to structure your practice: what do you want? what is your mindset? where are you going?

Lesson 8: Tools for Life

Hear how to guide your own personal practice of inquiry and see examples of tools that I use with clients and students.

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